Affordable Landscaping Service in Northern Virginia

Live in Northern Virginia, including McLean, Fairfax, or Arlington? Looking for dependable and qualified landscaping professionals? For lawn care services in the area, talk to the team at SOLAR for a wide range of affordable landscaping options. From commercial lawn care services to backyard landscaping ideas, a great looking greenspace and impeccable curb appeal are just a phone call away. There is never a charge for a free estimate and consultation with our landscaping service professionals. Whether you live in Falls Church or Vienna, Fairfax or Wolf Trap, we got you covered.
When you consider that your property’s landscaping and curb appeal are the first things that visitors, guests, and customers see, doesn’t it make sense to hire a professional service? After all, taking care of landscaping, lawns, gardens, and hardscape features takes time and effort; let the team at SOLAR show you why they retain loyal customers and gain positive reviews again and again.

Some of the benefits of landscaping services in Northern Virginia include these:

  • Grass is going to keep your property cooler than other surfacing, like cement or asphalt. The difference in temperature is significant, which could mean energy savings for you, too.
  • A healthy and hardy lawn can capture pollutants and allergens, like dust and smoke, before they get breathed in or end up in your home.
  • Grass and plants create oxygen.
  • A thriving lawn and garden can absorb runoff before it goes into bodies of water and wreak havoc on the ecosystem.
  • A lawn that measures 50’ by 50’ is reported to produce enough oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide for a household of four people.
  • Landscaping and grass can help reduce noise and lower noise levels by around 25% better than other surface applications, like paving.
  • Trimming trees properly can improve quality of life by creating oxygen, offering shade, and reducing noise widely.
  • Studies show that tree-lined streets demonstrate lower crime rates.
  • Some assert that simply sitting and looking at landscaping, trees, and grass can help you lower stress levels.
  • Natural environments with plants and trees where you walk can help improve memory and attention, according to researchers.
  • Community green spaces and gardens can improve quality of life and health for those living there.
  • Commercial properties that pay attention to landscaping and lawns attract more foot-traffic and customers, having a favorable impact on revenues and their bottom-line.
  • Staff and employees with a view of nature and trees demonstrate better health and job satisfaction than those that do not have such a view.
  • Commercial office space with professional landscaping commands around 7% higher rental rates.
  • Shoppers report that they are willing to pay around 10% more for their purchases when shopping in landscaped, tree lined areas with views of nature.

This all comes down to making an investment in your property that will pay off over time in fiscal, work, and life satisfaction. Is your property worth it? Begin benefiting from landscape and lawn services now.
We know that every client is different and so is every property. That is why at Solar Landscaping & Tree Service, we can customize your landscape service provision to suit your needs, schedule, and budget. We believe in paying attention to the customer and giving them the information that they need to make an informed decision related to landscaping service provision.

We offer our customers these options:

  • Weekly Lawn Care
  • Spring & Fall Clean Up
  • Mulching, Weeding & Edging
  • Shrub Trimming
  • Hedge Trimming
  • Leaf Removal

What else do you need? Our team is more than willing to go the extra mile to guarantee customer satisfaction. After all, that is the mission that our business has been built on for over two decades. We want to be your regular landscaping and lawn care provider- and we will work hard to earn your loyal business. Did you know that we also offer expert tree and stump removal services, too? We have the experience and expertise to handle all of your landscaping and lawn care maintenance- won’t you call us for a free estimate of services?


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