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    Solar Landscaping & Tree Service Falls Church VA

    What makes trees dangerous?

    Neglecting dead or diseased trees is far more than an eyesore- these trees can be potentially dangerous and mut be removed. Furthermore, sick trees can spread and infect the rest of your trees, foliage, and landscaping- a death sentence for your property’s curb appeal.

    When trees have dead limbs or lean significantly, you run the risk of them breaking free during wind or storms. The tree may be dead inside, which means that it is unstable and ready to topple over- a life-threatening hazard. Talk to a tree service professional to resolve the issue soon.

    Also, remember that sick or decaying trees attract pests, which may not be dangerous, but that can cause an infestation and health hazard.

    How much does it cost to service a tree in Falls Church?

    The cost to remove a tree depends on many different things: the size, the location, and the surroundings all impact how easy- or difficult- removing the tree will be. Some industry experts estimate that it costs $300 and up to remove trees in the area.

    As for service, what are you looking for? Pruning? Landscaping? Trunk removal? The pricing varies- call now for a free estimate to help you make an informed decision regarding tree services in Falls Church.

    Do I need a permit to remove a tree in Falls Church?

    Often property owners do not need a permit to remove a tree on their own property, as long as it is not larger than specific measurements or located in a historic district of the state. Do not run the risk of a hefty fine by neglecting to obtain a permit when applicable; your tree service professional should be able to provide assistance

    So, why is Solar Landscaping & Tree Service the Best Tree Company in Falls Church, VA?

    Solar Landscaping & Tree Service has earned a reputation for putting the customer first and providing quality work at affordable prices. Still not sure? Check out our online reviews and feedback- then, contact us for a free price quote and estimate- at no obligation, of course. We want to do business with you, and we will work hard to gain your trust.

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    If you own property in the area, you need tree trimming services for one reason or another. Plus, consider the many benefits of maintaining your property with landscaping and tree trimming provision. At Solar Landscaping & Tree Service, we want to earn the loyal business of our Falls Church, VA customers with quality work at affordable prices. In fact, we have built a reputation on this underlying mission for over 20 years. We offer a wide range of landscaping and tree services to suit your distinct and diverse needs; call for a free estimate and quote today!

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