How to Save a Dying Tree

The oldest known living tree in the world is located in the White Mountains of Northern California. Its name is Methuselah, and this Great Basin bristlecone pine tree germinated in 2832 BC. This makes it 4,854 years old. The oldest known living tree in Europe is the Italus, a Heldreich’s pine tree in southern Italy […]

How to Prepare for Your Tree Removal Service

You made the call to Solar Landscaping and Tree Service to finally get that tree removed, and you know prompt and professional attention is just what you will get. Many homeowners and business owners are hesitant to remove trees for aesthetic or conservation purposes. There are practical reasons to get rid of that tree, and […]

Know When to Mow

Mowing is the most time-consuming task of lawn maintenance. Mowing your lawn at the right height produces an appealing look for your home and encourages your grass to grow at its best, whether you’re doing it as a chore or for pleasure on a sunny afternoon. Every spring, many homeowners are faced with the decision […]

All About Trimming Shrubs and Hedges

Virginia summer weather has been beautiful, and homeowners have enjoyed tending to their gardens and outdoor flora. Here at Solar Landscaping and Tree Service, we know you take pride in your home’s appearance. This includes well-coifed landscaping that results from expert shrub trimming and hedge trimming. Whether you’ve been tending to your landscape for years […]

Sum’ Sum’ Summer Time is Time to Prune Your Trees

Summer is the best time. The best time to vacation. The best time to swim. The best time to prune your trees. Yes, between the beach and barbecues, use those summer months to take care of those overgrown trees. Just like you get your hair cut, pruning your trees keeps them healthy and keeps your […]

Stumped about Stumps: Grind It or Remove It?

    Here comes the sun. That’s what you’ll be singing when that problem tree is finally down, and the warm sunshine reaches the ground. It is at that moment when you see that the sun is shining directly on the stump left behind. What now? Dig it up? Grind it down? Make it fit […]

Reasons You Need an Emergency Tree Removal Service

For most Americans, the weather forecast is the most important part of the evening news. We have to know when the sun will shine and when the storms will start. After those storms pass, you might open your door to a downed tree blocking the driveway. Your next move will determine how soon you can […]

Common Equipment Used by Tree Service Professionals

Homeowners love to see the Solar Landscaping truck pull up outside ready to tackle the trees. Some of them point to a large piece of equipment and ask, “What do you call that thing or what are you using for my tree trimming project?” Great question! At Solar Landscaping & Tree Service, we know that [...]

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